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December 18, 2016

Sorry this is in English; I welcome translations via email .

History is fascinating.  I refer to true history, not the history you saw on television or learned about in school.  There is a difference, and you will be shocked to see just how different.  Please keep an open mind; because some men spent their entire lives to bring you this information.

All of The West are deceived, but none moreso than Germany.  Allied powers control Germany's media and academic system until the year 2099.  Das ist wahr.

I spent 2,000 hours researching the topic.  But the quickest way for you to learn this information is by watching a spektakulär YouTube series which I found months ago.  A series which challenged every anti-German idea I had been taught. 

If you have heard of this series before, but refused to watch it, I implore you to do so now.  It is compelling and vital to our survival.  The preview is below, and below that are links to Parts 1 to 26 as well as to a version with Deutsche subtitles.

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Links:   [Parts 1 through 8]   [Parts 9 through 17]   [Parts 18 through 26]   [Home]

Deutsche Version  

[December 20, 2016 edit: My deepest condolensces to those lost in the Berlin attack last night.  I weep to think these victims are the progeny of those who managed to survive so much adversity in history, including world wars and communist tyranny.]

Thanks to the men who sacrificed everything for truth and honor.  In comparison, I am but a humble, anonymous contributor.  For the story of my research, click here.

The name of this web page is Merkel.html because I wanted a short name that is indicative of German World Political Affairs.  Sorry we didn't discuss Merkel, herself, here.

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